Has Your Boiler Feed Pump Ever “Choked” and Caused Boiler Shut Down?

Pump design engineers have spent over 100 years improving pump suction characteristics, or NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head) in order to maximize each pumps ability to handle boiling and near-boiling fluids.  Their purpose from our vantage point has been to maintain consistent boiler operation among other things.  The new AERO boiler feed set approaches boiler consistency problems from the supply side, rather than increasing expenditures on a pumps suction ability, to accomplish a miniscule improvement in NPSH or ability to prevent “choking”.

The new AERO boiler feed set is a prime example (the epitome) of solving our style of NPSH problem (boiling condensate from leaky steam traps possibly), by injecting cooler, treated make up feed water directly into the pump suction thereby making the NPSH problem nonexistent.  Since this choking phenomenon is related to the temperature and vapor pressure of the condensate, a temperature sensor located at crucial points is necessary.  Since it is common for all pumps including our condensate pumps to build up heat inside them directly related to pump inefficiency, particularly as internal pump wear proceeds, measuring fluid temperature inside or as it leaves the pump must also activate a cooling source.  Given these variables, the AERO feed sets are state of the art, designed and built to prevent pump choking and the resulting low water boiler shut off that can quickly shut down your facility.  This can quickly add up to as much or more cost than a premium first class AERO all stainless steel feed set, designed for 10 or 15 years of service.

AERO engineers have a long history of designing and building pumps and pumping systems for the boiler room and other applications.  We are proud to offer these pumps and systems to the Laundry Dry Cleaning Industry.  All tanks, pumps, piping, fittings and supports are corrosion resistant Stainless Steel.  In a normal installation, these components known to function for many years.  Pump service, while available from AERO in Plano, IL should not be necessary except for many years.  Most pump wear and seal problems are from contaminants in the available makeup water.  Mechanical seals in a pump are often damaged by containments.    Other than gross internal pump damage that occurs from the “Chokings” outlined above, lime and other solids can build up in the bottom of the feed tank and ultimately grind away enough of the impeller to where pump flow will no longer keep up with the boiler requirements.  Then it is time for a rebuild.

  • Low Voltage electric solenoid valve replaces industry standard short-lived mechanical float style make up valves
  • Temperature & Level Sensors actuate solenoid valve to supply cold water when needed to prevent pump cavitation, dry running and Boiler shut-downs due to low water
  • Control Panel switch to “jog” the pump free if debris or scale has entered the pump
  • Reliable and long lived solid state relays to control pump operation
  • All Stainless Steel Pump for long life and protection from corrosive boiler chemicals
  • Oversized all SS Pump Suction Piping and Strainer
  • All Stainless Steel Tank with 20 year Warranty against corrosion “THE LAST TANK YOU WILL EVER NEED TO BUY”