Boiler Feed Sets

DLT Electric

Manufacturer of Motors, Pumps & Boiler Feed Sets

DLT Electric is a commercial and industrial, high quality motor, high pressure, low capacity regenerative turbine pump manufacturer. We attend to a variety of markets and industries including boiler feed, jockey pump systems, serving laundry and drycleaners, condensate return systems, special pump designs, as well as many other applications. Our standard product lines include single and three phase motors held to the strictest tolerances and highest quality. In addition to motors, we produce mechanically sealed regenerative turbine pumps for low flow, high pressure, applications. We can custom engineer and fabricate pumping systems for OEM requirements. We create custom engineered motors for pump designers to use with any kind of pump. In fact, DLT Electric is unique in that its management and engineers seek to serve the motor and pump industry’s OEM needs as well as the motor aftermarket.

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